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Dog Walking Services in Gorey

Exercise is extremely essential for dogs. They are hardwired to walk and run for their food, and play with the pack. Exercise can ease aggression issues, alleviate negative behaviors, and avoid vet visits. Research shows that healthy dogs live up to 20% LONGER!!

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According to pet behavioral studies, the most common reason behind the constant change in behavior of a dog is the insufficient dog walk every week. The average adult dog needs to raise their heart rate for at least 20 minutes a day. Exercise for your dog is key for them to enjoy a longer and happier life.

Moreover, they become aggressive or depressed when you skip dog walks frequently. To help the pet owners support a healthy lifestyle for pets, Wiggles is here to serve pet owners with professional Pet Walking Services. Our dog walkers in Gorey take full responsibility of your dog while they are with them.

Wiggles started its pet services with an aim to bring a positive change in the society by serving pet owners with daily, weekly, monthly or once a while Dog Walk Services. Our services are tailored, and clients are not bound to hire us on strict terms. The Wiggles dog walker will reach your doorstep to pick your dog or dogs. As per your specifications, the walker will take them to parks, beachside or roadside. There are many beautiful walking trails and paths to choose from. We believe dogs should be able to play and explore for the limited amount of time they're able to be outside.

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Best Dog Walking Services

Wiggles is one of the few pet service providers with a fully insured dog walker. Our dog walkers aim to provide the best possible care for your four-legged friends. It is a nice break in the day for your dog who, like us humans, looks forward to getting exercise, breathing in the fresh air and relaxing a bit.  After our walk, we always return to your home with a happy and relaxed dog. Our dog walker enjoys building long-term relationships with both pets and parents and celebrates each pet for their own unique personality.

Some pets do not enjoy when they are out on a leash. They either make it difficult for owners to take them for a walk. Our Dog Walking Services in Gorey also include adequate training to help the pups or adult dogs socialize. We help them feel relaxed while on the leash. Our dog walk sessions also include off-leash training and practice time to make your dog respond to you while they are on or off-leash

Wiggles has Insured Dog Walkers, and we keep on teaching them new and effective ways to strengthen bonds with other animals. We also arrange group pet walks for the same breed dogs to help them feel cozy and loved.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the care your pet needs and how we may best accommodate your busy schedule. We look forward to meeting both you and your pet and learning about your pet’s own unique personality.

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Dog Walking Service

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  • 60 minutes dog walking

Need someone to walk your doggies?

Professional and fully insured dog walker can help you!

I can offer a customised plan for your needs.

For more information, please contact me to book for free consultation today.

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