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Pet Sitting Service

Pet sitting for us is all about taking care of your pet to make them feel spoiled, bonded and happy. Wiggles Gorey’s pet sitting service provides your pet a companion for their lonely times. We offer personalised pet sitting care for every one of our client.

Pet Sitting Services: Welcome

Professional Pet Sitting

We offer pet sitting services to clients that reserve weekly scheduled daily dog walks with us. We love to have a relationship with your pet and would like them to be able to stay in the comfort of their own home while you are away on holiday or business trip.

WIGGLES Gorey recommend you to only rely on a professional pet sitter as it can help your pet in controlling their weight and balancing out their eating habits. It also helps them to stay on regular routines while exercising, which will further prevent them from having stiff and fatty figure. Lastly, hiring professional pet sitting services will get them full attention and loads of cuddles, significantly decreasing the exposure to diseases, infections, and parasites.

Along with pet sittings, we also provide a short and sweet visit (15 minutes), where we let your dog out to pee and love them with back scratches and belly rubs.  This visit is great for puppy potty training in conjunction with our dog walking service. It’s also purrfect for the sweet senior cat who may be up for some full body scratches. We are here to help care for your pets at all stages of their life.

As per our clients' requirements, WIGGLES Gorey also offer additional services, like veterinarian care. We are counted among one of the best Pet Sitting Companies in town due to our family of well-trained and Certified Pet Sitters in Gorey.

Pet Sitting Services: Text
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Pet Sitting Service

  • Over night pet sitting at my home

  • 15 minutes quick break

  • Vet visit

Certified and fully insured Pet Sitter can look after your pet and home while you’re away.

If you needed someone to check in quickly during a day to feed, changing water bawl, let your dogs out for toilet etc... 15 minute quick break plan is also available.

Pet Sitting Services: Services

Pet Sit Price List

At owner's home

Overnight Stay from €45

Overnight Stay
*10% Discount apply more than 3 nights stay

Additional Pet €10

Additional pet for overnight stay

Quick Break From €15

Quick break  (15 minutes) 

  • to check your pet

  • to let your dog out for toilet

  • to change the water bawl

  • to give medication

  • to play with your pet

Pet Sitting Services: Price List


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